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May 25, 2005

Stories in the news - 10:45am

First off, at the conference I am at, there was a major revelation during one of yesterday's sessions. It is not directly weather related, but still scientifically cool. Voyager I reached the solar termination shock in December.

Secondly, many of you may have already seen this, but Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) wants to outlaw the National Weather Service from issuing any products that could be reproduced by private companies. This is widely thought to be sponsored by AccuWeather, a major PA-based weather company that draws most of its employees from Penn State. However, the sponsoring companies seem not to want to be responsible for warnings or stop NWS from issuing warning to prevent damage to life or property. It seems that they want to force corporate profits up while not assuming the liability. Some of you may be aware that private industries have already forced through laws to prevent NOAA from issuing commodities forecasts.

It also seems that those of you in the northeast have been a little wet and chilly. Welcome to New England! I expected this weekend to be the sixth weekend in a row with rain in the Boston area.

An associate of mine sent me a story about a recent trend of increased tornadic activity in the Washington, DC area. Fair warning, this seems to be a sensationalist story not completely based in significant global climate change science. I suspect that the recent outbreak of tornadic activity is exclusively tropically related. After hearing some of the talks at the conference, I plan to write much more about that when I return. Just to get you thinking, everything we do has indirect effects. It seems that industrial emissions in the Midwest U.S. significantly altered the monsoonal climate in central Africa and dampened hurricane activity during the late 20th century.
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