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June 20, 2005

Global Warming legislation is gaining ground

For the first time since President Bush rejected the Kyoto Protocol, global warming legislation is gaining ground in the Senate. This represents a big shift in the government lag behind science in recognizing global climate change as a real and present danger. Understanding global climate change is a definite challenge that we have yet to master. For example, during the late twentieth century, greenhouse warming was being counteracted by a dimming of the Earth caused by increased aersol levels. Now that aerosol levels are decreasing we can expect to see increased warming. These decreasing aersol levels over the North Atlantic have been tied to the returns of monsoonal rains to the Sahel of Africa, bringing close to a long drought and famine that killed millions of people there. Also, we now recognize that solar cycles seem to play a significant role in climate cycles. Thermohaline ocean circulations also seem to play a significant role in hurricane cycles. The most likely case for the future is the development of a permanent El Nino pattern in the Pacific which may lead to the failure of tropical trade winds and actually LESS hurricane activity in the long run.
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