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July 05, 2005

Cindy and Dennis both forming eyes

Radar images out of Louisiana and recent recon reports out for Dennis have confirmed that both storms are developing eyes. In the case of Cindy, the eye is fully closed but still dirty, filled with some clouds. Cindy is currently making landfall and should weaken rapidly although the central pressure is down to 996 mb. Dennis' eye is very ragged and weak. Despite having an eye structure, sustained winds also remain weak. This is likely due to the fact that Dennis is still very far south. As Dennis move further north, Coriolis forcing will increase with latitude and the winds should increase rapidly. The models continue trending south, as if often the case with tropical systems at latitudes as low as Dennis. Right now I think the storm may very well split the Yucatan straight and enter the Gulf of Mexico. I am actually not ruling out landfall on the Yucatan peninsula.

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