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July 20, 2005

Emily now a tropical storm, Eugene discontinued

Things are quieting back down in the tropics again. Emily is now a tropical storm and raining herself out in the Pacific. Tropical Storm Emily is over Mexico and continues to rain herself out.

Thus far there have been 7 reported fatalities from Emily. One person was killed in Grenada, 4 were killed in mudslides in Jamaica, and two pilots were killed in a helicopter crash while evacuating a Pemex oil rig off the coast of Mexico.

Right now the only interesting thing in the tropics is a tropical wave near Pureto Rico and Hispanola. However, this system is not expected to develop. Of course the hurricane hunters wouldn't let that keep them bored, they are planning to pay it a visit tomorrow. If anything were to develop with this system, it would travel up over the Bahamas and harmlessly our to sea. I guess all this early season action has the hurricane hunters ready to jump at the first thunderstorm is hopes of kicking up a hurricane.
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