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July 10, 2005

Here we go... Hurricane Dennis clearly on radar

Hurricane Dennis is clearly starting to show the first signs of interactions with land. Shear is increased and the eye is over cooler water. An eyewall replacement cycle is also underway. This all could lead to slight weakening of the storm (good news if you are in the path). However, the storm should be making landfall this evening right as the eyewall replacement cycle completes and when Dennis should regain intensity (not so good news). The central pressure is being maintained at 930 mb but the winds are now down to 140 mph. While this may seem to some to be a sign of weakening, in reality this is likely just a sign of the eyewall replacement cycle. The real indicator to keep track of in this storm is the central pressure while is remaining steady and low. While the storm will likely weaken a little before landfall, it will likely hit as a weak category four or strong category three hurricane. Pensacola will likely be the bullseye for landfall.
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