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July 09, 2005

Hurricane Dennis may have peaked - for now

The latest report out of NHC reports Hurricane Dennis at 941 mb and 125 mph. This is fairly consistent with the previous advisory. This is one of the best formed storms for its strength. Watch for possible strengthening in the mornings. I think Hurricane Dennis has finished bombing out for now. Hurricane Dennis is experiencing a little bit of shear from the west, however, it does not seem to be impacting this storm very much. Little shear tends to have minimal impact on storms intent on rearranging the barrier islands. Little has changed in regards to forecasted strength and track. I am too tired to reiterate that if you have not yet evacuated, please do so immediately, otherwise don't blame me for your untimely demise. While Dennis is done his 'insane' pressure drop, as NHC phrased it, he will continue to slowly strengthen. Look for Hurricane Dennis to reach 140 mph in 12 hours.
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