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July 09, 2005

Hurricane Dennis visible shot

I just had to post this because it is so damn pretty. This hurricane is seriously like a buzz-saw. If you are in the way, GET OUT! This thing could seriously go Cat. 5 and I would not be at all surprised. This thing is disobeying the laws of hurricanes. The general Pensacola and Mobile area need to find safe shelter very soon. This will be one of the largest hurricanes to ever strike the U.S. coast at this rate. Be prepared for fluctuations in intensity as eyewall cycles take place. For a true judge of the storm's strength, watch the pressure which as of the last advisory fell 11 mb in 90 minutes! THAT IS CRAZY! The warm water layer in the Gulf is very shallow which is why all the meteorologists were not expecting this. If it slows down and can churn up the Gulf it may weaken drastically. Until then, EVACUATE! I am a CRAZY meteorologist. I would love to be on the beach in a hurricane. In this case, I would get the hell out of Dodge.
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