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July 29, 2005

Tornado rips through... England?

This should serve as a double reminder. Tornadic weather can occur in almost all regions of the globe. Also, cities are not immune from their destructive power. Afraid yet?
From the Times -
SHOP fronts blown in, roofs torn clean off, trees crashing, firefighters and ambulance crews attending the damage and the injured. This was Birmingham soon after 3pm yesterday.

It was not a terrorist attack that struck the Moseley and Kings Heath areas, south of the city centre; it was a small but vicious tornado.

Within ten minutes it was all over but the freak weather left a trail of damage and so many injuries that paramedics had to set up an emergency triage centre at the scene.

At least a dozen people were taken to hospital, although only three were reported to be seriously injured. More than 50 ambulance staff responded to a huge number of emergency calls.

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