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July 11, 2005

Tropical Depression Five remains poorly organized

The latest NHC discussion reveals that there is clearly a broad circulation surrounding the depression. However, it is nearly impossible to find a center of circulation in this system. Despite this lack of organization, a broad area of high pressure will be building over the system soon which should allow for strengthening. The official NHC forecast still calls for this system to become a tropical storm by tomorrow and eventually a hurricane in the Caribbean. Tropical depressions rarely form in the area the TD Five is in right now. Those that do form rarely develop into hurricanes. As you can see, climatology is now on the side of this storm. Should TD Five becomes a tropical storm as is forecast by NHC, we would be looking at Tropical Storm Emily. Getting to 'E' names by mid-July is unheard of. If this is July, I'd love to see what the peak of the season will be like in September.
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