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August 30, 2005

New Orleans levee is breached

This is a two hundred foot long breach in the levee on the Orleans and Jefferson Parish line. Water is rising at an inch every five minutes in some locations. Eighty percent of New Orleans is under water.

UPDATE: The Army Corps of Engineers is going to try airlifting 3,000 lb sandbags to fill the 200 ft breach in the 17th Canal Levee. Water is still rising and I will keep you updated. In the interim, anyone with a boat is asked to bring it to the Sam's Club parking lot at the corner of Airline and Clearly to assist in rescue missions. This location is being used as a base of operations and anyone who is able to get there will be brought by the National Guard to the Superdome. From there medical evacs are being brought to LSU in Baton Rouge (which has been turned into an emergency operations center). Also, according to the Drudge Report, martial law has been imposed in Jefferson and Plaquemines Parishes.

UPDATE 3:50pm CDT: The Army Corps of Engineers reports that the breach is now 300 feet long and remains unpatched. Water levels are continuing to rise
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