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August 30, 2005

Patching the levee unsuccessful, emergency response losing control

The worst case scenario is playing out in New Orleans tonight. Devastation is complete and emergency response officials are losing control. Rescuers have been ordered to ignore bodies for now and focus on getting all survivors out of the area. Plans are still underway for the complete evacuation of the Superdome and all hospitals.

The attempt to patch the levee was unsuccessful and the pumps in the area have failed. The rising water is expected to cause the failure of all pumps in the area. Up to 15 feet of additional water can be expected in many areas. By noon tomorrow there should be 9 feet of water on St. Charles Ave. All of Orleans Parish and very possibly Jefferson Parish are expected to be completely submerged, possibly to the level of 3 feet above sea level. The entire east bank looks to be a loss. On the west bank of the river, conditions are far better than expected. While wind damage is wide spread, flooding seems to be well under control.

All across the city, police are losing control. There are widespread reports of shooting, looting, carjackings, and more in almost all areas. Martial law has been declared and the situation looks very dire. This comes in the face of the governor ordering the complete evacuation of Orleans and Jefferson Parishes.
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