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August 11, 2005

Three active systems strengthen in the tropics

Since last night things have gotten more interesting in the tropics.

Tropical Storm Irene is once again showing deep convection and healthy outflow. The models do not have a very good handle on this storm and right now I think we need to wait for a better defined center of circulation to develop. Right now the circulation seems to be very elongated.

Fernanda is now a minimal hurricane in the eastern Pacific. However, the cloud patterns are looking more ragged and I expect her to weaken soon. Fernanda is moving over cooler water, however, shear in the area remains low. She should lead to a very gradual weakening.

Just to add to the party, when have the newly-formed Tropical Storm Greg in the eastern Pacific! Greg looks very healthy and is expected to strengthen. It will be interesting to see how Greg starts to interact with Fernanda as he draws near.
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