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August 04, 2005

Tropical Depression Nine forms in the Atlantic, forecast to become Hurricane Irene

So far this year has proven to live up the hype generated by last year's destructive hurricane season. Just as a reminder, at this time last year Hurricane Charley was terrorizing Florida. For a reality check to this year, right now it looks as if we will be dealing with Hurricane Irene in a few days. That is three storms last year to a record nine storms so far this year. Does this amaze anyone else?

Tropical Depression Nine is currently located harmlessly in the deep tropics of the central Atlantic Ocean. Right now it is not immediately threatening any land but could be in a better position to do so in a few days. TD Nine is forecast to move steadily to the west-northwest while also continuing to build strength. It is sitting in a low-shear environment with plenty of warm water to fuel its growth. The official NHC forecast brings TD Nine to be Hurricane Irene in 72 hours.
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