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August 13, 2005

Tropical Storm Irene bordering hurricane strength

The latest recon from Irene indicated sustained winds of 70 mph with a central pressure of 991 mb. Recent satellite imagery suggests a slight weakening of the storm, but hurricane intensity remains a real posibility.

Irene seems to be sucking in a lot of dry air from the north and I expect this will continue for a couple days. The warm Gulf Stream below and favorable winds aloft will be battling this dry air and likely will result in little intensification. Of course, this is prone is large errors so please keep a close eye on the system. The latest guidance is much more convergent and suggests that Irene will miss the East Coast.

This actually may be a bad thing as many areas of the East would have benefitted from the rain.

Oh yes, and in the Pacific, Hurricane Fernanda is holding tight. The interesting part is that the outflow out of Fernanda actually seems to be shearing and containing Tropical Storm Greg.

However, I doubt many people actually care as the two storms pose absolutely no threat to land.

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