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July 10, 2005

Minute-by-Minute Tracking

434pm edt: The next advisory will show Dennis with a rising minimum central pressure at 950mb, sustained winds of 103mph and gusts to 125mph. He's going in and he's going hard. He will continue to be a hurricane for perhaps the next 6-12 hours. We will see how quickly he dies down.

336pm edt: Hurricane Dennis has officially made landfall with the storm's eye hitting between Navarre Beach and Pensacola Beach.

327pm edt: Without a doubt the worst of Hurricane Dennis is being felt from Navarre Beach over to Ft. Walton Beach. I expect that we will see serious damage in this area which was already pounded by Hurricane Ivan last year. The weakening we are seeing is obviously related to a hurricane making landfall. If you think that this damage is bad, you should think of what Cuba must have felt.

319pm edt: The latest Advisory confirms the central pressure rise to 943mb and drops sustained windspeed down to 120mph which is a weak category 3. This storm really has died out (comparatively) in the past 6 hours.

242pm edt: Vortex reports from the latest Hurricane Hunter flight report central pressure has risen sharply to 943mb.

209pm edt: Hurricane force winds are anticipated to last 100 miles inland.

205pm edt: The latest position advisory reports the storm is 40 miles southeast of Pensacola. 2-3 hours for landfall. The storm is moving approximately 18 miles an hour.

201pm edt: Pensacola Naval Air Station reports sustained winds of 40mph which is Tropical Storm speeds and gusts to 51.
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